Coming Together to Break Into Technology

Welcome to our vibrant community of determined Chattanoogans with non-traditional backgrounds, all sharing the common aspiration to break into the dynamic world of technology as developers.

Our Core Values

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Collaboration + Teamwork

By working together and leveraging everyone's strengths, we amplify our impact and create innovative solutions that address the unique needs of non-profits and aspiring developers.



We welcome diverse perspectives, recognizing that a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences drive creativity and lead to well-rounded solutions.

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We believe in the power of mentorship and "paying it forward". We encourage experienced individuals to serve as mentors, providing guidance and support to those who are new to the field.

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Professional Development

We emulate industry standards and workflows, facilitating professional development that fosters confidence and growth in everyday processes.

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We value our community, offering a space for like-minded invididuals to come together to learn and grow.

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Gain Experience

Now more than ever, it's hard to gain experience in the Tech Industry without already having some. Our team comes together to build, collaborate, and gain valuable industry-level experience to add to portfolios.

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Build Community

We meet twice a month to bridge the gap between those looking to enter the Tech Industry from non-traditional backgrounds and the already-established community members willing to mentor.

Together, We Support, Learn, and Grow

Together, we embark on an exciting journey, each line of code we write and every challenge we overcome bringing us closer to realizing our dreams in the tech industry. With our collective passion, unwavering dedication, and a supportive network, we're forging our path in this ever-evolving field, ready to make a lasting impact and shape the future of technology.

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